Editorial Design
Creating beautiful books, which will make you happy, that’s what I do! I have worked with photographers, artists, galleries and businesses from small scale limited edition books as well as big commercial projects. Every book I design is different just as every client has different needs and ideas. I have a keen eye for detail from the placing of page numbers, to lovely typography and signature illustrated elements if required.

To draw and doodle, invent characters and design book covers – I simply love it! I am a designer as well as an illustrator, which is a great and strong combination. I will work with you and find out what style is required and what will work best. So get in touch if you want a set of characters, children book illustration, a T-Shirt print, a pattern or just want to go nuts!

A thoughtfully designed envelope with smart folding, delicate wrappers or special gifts, funny boxes, tags, certificates and stamps – I will think about the little details and how to make your packaging special, precious and unique!

Working on existing brands, creating new brands or rebrand – I will help you to be different, stand out and make a point. A brand is more then just a good logo and a bit of colour, it’s your identity. As a brand you have to be aware of how you are perceived, the way you talk to people, the image you project and a coherent style in your work.